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April 17, 2017

Back Scrubber

Back Scrubber


This stylish exfoliating back and body scrubber is the perfect natural solution for fighting against back acne, dry skin, rashes and other embarrassing skin problems. Exfoliation helps to bring new life to your complexion by unclogging pores for clearer skin and removing dead skin cells speeding up the skin renewal process for healthier glowing skin. The long size and full length textured surface will make exfoliating your back side oh so simple.


UPC CODE: 784672950060

Product Features

  • LONG FOR EASY USAGE Gain access to clean those hard to reach places on your back thanks to this 31 inch long back scrubber with two convenient handles!
  • FULL EXFOLIATION Unlike most other back scrubbers, this exfoliating back scrubber features an exfoliation material along the entirety of one side instead of just a partial strip
  • TEXTURED SURFACE IS TOUGH YET GENTLE This hemp back scrubber effectively and deeply yet gently scrubs away dead skin without leaving it feeling irritated
  • TWO SIDES FOR TWO FUNCTIONS With hemp on one side and plush terry cloth on the other, this back scrubber strap works to first exfoliate dead skin and then polish and smooth the new skin underneath!

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