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February 18, 2016

What if I just loved myself this Valentine’s?

Hustle girl. You’re almost there I tell myself. I’m going to make it! Yeah, I think this time for sure. Although it’s never happened. I have a good chance of making it. This time for sure. Everyone will be cheering for me. There will be a standing ovation. I will finally get to breathe. This must be what marathon runners feel like when they cross the finish line. Will I be able to cross the finish line? Will I be able to cross everything off that never ending to do list that is a part of my and every other woman’s life?

No matter how many things are on it. No matter how many things you knock off your list. There never seems to be complete satisfaction from fulfilling the demands of others. It always seems like their focus is on what they need next from you or what you haven’t done yet. Whether it be family members, associates or your employer. It makes me wonder, will they ever be happy?

Then I realize. I don’t give a f@&k! I’m going to make myself happy. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner after all. I’m going to do things that make me feel appreciated. Things that make me feel loved. Things that make me feel wanted.

My go to solution to get a self-love fix is to focus on things that I love to pamper myself with. Here is my list. And please feel free to add what you love in the comments below. Your feedback is certainly one of the things I love most J

Things that I LOOOVE that love me right back

Late night impromptu conversations with friends

Gazing at the stars and wondering what the meaning of life is

Riding my bike into the forest being chased by the rays of the sun

Hot guys reading books

Hot mamas power lifting in the gym

An unexpected day off from work

Finding a new series on Netflix to binge watch with a fridge full of food

Buying an expensive grocery item and using it as a face mask

Listening to an Adele record on a record player manufactured in 2015

Women in the Senate telling it like it is

Paying off a credit card

Making more money than what I needed

Smiling at babies

Watching Ellen giveaways

Coconut oil

Flights of Mezcal

Cheap red wine

Expensive white wine

A clean and organized house

Taking day trips into the Shenandoah Valley

Watching Reality TV with an entire Boston Crème pie, bottle of wine and a bouquet of wild flowers (Not apologizing).

Going to the movies by myself (Highly underrated)

Sleeping in

Waking up productive

Cutting my own hair and having it come out pretty freaking cute

Pampering myself

And one more thing that I love. How the focus of things that I love only expands the more I focus on things that I…love.

Life is stressful. Sometimes stopping you dead in your tracks. I don’t think you should just ignore life’s challenges and just focus on things that you love. I’m saying in the spirit of Valentine’s Day karate chop those challenges in the ass and dwell on what you…looove.

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