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January 8, 2016

Top 10 so Strange “I must try it” Beauty trends for 2016

Business woman meditatingThe future is here. Skin Inc. has just published their top 10 Professional beauty trends for 2016. In 2016 you will see salons offering “spot treating” the skin. Health and Wellness will be brought into the workplace. And Cannabis being brought into a spa are just some of 2016 top professional beauty trends.

With the growing awareness and demand of natural ingredients by consumers, brands are reacting—companies have been reformulating their “natural” products with an even higher proportion of natural ingredients. Some of the beauty trends on Skin Inc.’s top 10 list are very out of the box. Others have been given a new found respect for its lasting effectiveness.

You will be taking a trip around the world to get insanely beautiful skin. First stop, Korea. Korea has been a leader in maintaining their youth longer than what you may be used to. Thanks to how connected we are through technology; we can now learn some of South Korea’s most coveted Skin care secrets.

Next stop on Skin Inc.’s list. You will discover what Japan calls Forest bathing. This is when a person quietly walks through a forest with their mind intent only on the sounds, colors and feel of their surroundings. Creating peace and longevity.

You can uncover the complete list of Skin Inc.’s Beauty Trends for 2016 here:

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