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November 17, 2015

How Bad is Your Cellulite?


Hi friend. I know even having a little bit of cellulite can be frustrating. But not all cellulite is created equally. We have combined cutting edge research and actions steps laid out by our favorite doctors. Dr. Bisson and Dr. Murad to help you with a cellulite solution.

The look of your cellulite on your skin can indicate the extent your cellulite has developed internally. I want you to feel good about yourself no matter what level you find you have. At the same time knowing how advanced your cellulite is can empower you to know what action steps you can take to reducing the look of cottage cheese on your beautiful body.

The number one question to help you determine what level of Cellulite you have is how visible it is when standing.  Click on the cellulite level that best describes you.

Level I- Not visible when standing, but visible when legs are crossed

Level II- I can see it only when I squeeze my skin

Level III- I can see it pretty clearly, but it disappears when I lay down

Level IV- I can see it no matter what position I am in


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