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September 1, 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Your Cellulite

Eeeek! That was my reaction before reading the statistic that 90% percent of women have cellulite. I couldn’t believe that was true. No matter what I saw on the beach, I always felt that it was just me. So if you have been worrying about the orange peel you see on your thighs, buttocks or hips, take courage knowing you are not alone.

Cellulite and Body Image

Women cringe at the thought of having cellulite. More so than just about anything else we want to change about ourselves. It is also known that the image of the ideal women never has cellulite. Even if a model has cellulite it is removed. But the images of the most beautiful not having dimply thighs and buttocks is simply not real. Even fitness models can have it. This low tolerance for cellulite is what contributes to the embarrassment of having it.

The reality in today’s world is that women get more conscious about having cellulite because they worry about other people’s view of their bodies. As a woman who has cellulite I feel ashamed of the imperfect skin that I cannot show off. I have even heard of women refraining from having an active social life. Now I have never gone that far. But I have definitely talked to women who have withdrawn from going out because of feeling self-conscious about wearing swimsuits or tight-fitting outfits. Although we know our friends like us no matter what, that potential mate across the way might not. That may not be reality, but that is certainly the fear.

So let me say this again. Cellulite appears on both full-figured and skinny female bodies alike. Feeling self-conscious about having cellulite can only worsen if you believe the lies the media is telling you. That because you have it, then you are not praiseworthy. Skinny models with lean bodies work out and eat well yet they can still have cellulite regardless if they do everything right.

Fads Makes Us Sad

To manage the stress women feel about having imperfect skin, we do not hesitate to try every means possible to remove it. There are many invasive and expensive treatments that promise to remove cellulite forever. Note that these treatments are not one-time therapies; these require multiple sessions and these treatments are never cheap. The problem with this is many techniques are developed as a way to prey on the desperation that sometimes comes over us to look like we could be on a magazine cover. But as the lovely Cindy Crawford put it, “I don’t even wake up looking like Cindy Crawford”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Woman start to feel worse about having cellulite because most of the suggested treatments out there turn out to be fads. The message we have received from this is that cellulite is impossible to remove. At present, many women think cellulite is a permanent skin condition. But there are treatments available that can reduce the appearance of cellulite indeed. These treatments are a great compliment to techniques that reach the root cause of cellulite. Let me emphasize that not treating the root cause of cellulite is like exercising without eating a proper diet and expecting amazing and permanent results.

At Modern Skin Labs we focus on scientifically proven methods for great skin care. But we also want to stress that in your efforts to reduce your cellulite you should go easy on yourself. I know that is easier than it sounds. And I myself love to try new things. But I have learned that I don’t have to be down on myself while I work out, use a new face mask and slather on that cellulite cream. I say “hey cutie in the corner…I want to talk to you” 🙂

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