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August 1, 2015

Why Men Don’t Have Cellulite and You Do

Estrogen and Cellulite

Ever wondered why males seem to be not affected by cellulite as much as women? The statistics are that 98% of people with cellulite are women. That means that the male population affected with cellulite is 2%! That’s a huge gap in numbers. It seems to me that’s where the key would be to unlock the cause of cellulite. Studies indicate that the root cause of cellulite is aggravated by Estrogen levels. Males do not have as much estrogen as females so their risk of having cellulite is much, much lower.

Higher Estrogen levels is also why the thighs and buttocks is where you can find the majority of your cellulite. The fat in a woman’s midsection is regulated by hormones and not by metabolism. Women produce higher levels of estrogen because it is the fuel of their reproductive system and this reproductive system lies in a female’s midsection. Childbirth would be impossible without estrogen because this hormone is responsible for softening the connective and collagen tissues so that the cervix will ‘ripen’ to prepare for delivery.

Cellulite Development Process

How can a hormone that is so vital to your health also be the root cause of something that can be so daunting like cellulite? The answer may be found in one attribute to Estrogen and that is that it interacts with skin and fat at the same time. This also means that it interacts with the collagen in your skin. Research showed that collagen breakdown due to estrogen stimulation is essentially the root cause of cellulite appearance. Cellulite development when not stopped can be a vicious cycle.

When collagen is lost, fat cells escape and move toward the skin surface. Hypertrophy or enlargement of fat cells allows the cells to grow to their full size. When fat cells reach full size, they stimulate the development of new fat cells. Estrogen naturally stimulates fat-cell production, too. And the more fat cells you have, the more stimulated your ovaries will become therefore it will produce more estrogen. The cellulite development process will begin again.

Cellulite Appearance Worsens Due to Estrogen Imbalance

Hormone imbalance could lead to poor circulation which can then lead to weakening of the connective tissue. And as the structural support of the skin collapses, fat cells push through it giving your skin that ‘dimpled’ look. Likewise, estrogen imbalance can also elevate the aldosterone level and this hormone increases water retention and bloating. Excess fluid in the body promotes further visibility of cellulite because the cellulite-prone tissues get filled with more water so swelling increases making the dimpling of the skin more obvious.

3 Things you can do to Reverse Cellulite Production

It seems that the best way to treat (prevent or avoid) cellulite is to manage your estrogen levels. Stress as well as diet play a huge role in Hormone levels. Ways to balance Estrogen and hormone levels include:

1-Consume phytoestrogens: Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds with similar chemical structure to estrogens. Modern research shows that phytoestrogens help to balance estrogen levels. You can get phytoestrogens from soybeans, sesame and flax seeds, lentils, rice, apples, carrots, oats and hops.

2-Meditate: If you have heard this once you have heard this a thousand times. This is a great way to lower cortisol levels. High levels of Cortisol contribute to a toxic and inflamed body. The best form of meditation I have found is one where you welcome all thoughts and release them. Rather than fighting them and stressing yourself out some more.

3-Antioxidants: Antioxidants reduce inflammation. Vitamin C in particular is great as it reduces inflammation and stimulates Collagen production.

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